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Polar bear tours in the wild along the Alaskan arctic coast, including polar bear boat trips and polar bear photography tours. We specialize in personalized Arctic adventures! 



An unforgettable experience! Thanks Jack, Steve and Sunny!!

We did 2 tours with Akook Arctic Adventures in September 2018 (in the afternoon and in the morning). It was a great experience. Jack and Steve are very keen on the welfare of polar bears (not too close, do not pursue), because these animals are shy and can be easily disturbed by boats. Steve's goose down jackets had taken us through the cold that we underestimated. Many thanks also to Sunny, who answered us in the run-up to our numerous mail requests always swiftly and friendly. We will be back!!!!!!

- Ilka & Dirk, Germany, 2018

Once in a lifetime adventure

We have been at Kaktovik in the middle of September for 3 nights. We booked tours with Sunny almost a year before arrived, and she was very kind and helpful. She helped us to organize the hotel and flights beside the tours. We didn't book any tours for our arrival day because we knew that flights may delayed or cancelled due to bad whether. Luckily we had good whether for all days- even snow!

Steve and Jack are a great team, with their open and small boat we had 360° of viewing and we got very close to the bears without interrupting them. Steve as a wildlife photographer, and Jack, with his living experience in the Arctic wildlife know where to find the polar bears and how to get the best shots of them.

The tours were amazing, not only because the bears, Steve and Jack knew to tell a lot about the bears and the arctic life.

If you worried about the cold on the open boat, you have no reason- Steve will give you a suitable gear!

We are recommending you to go on this once in a lifetime adventure with Akook Arctic Adventures!

- Orit, Israel, 2018

The best polar bear viewing tour

My wife and I, along with 6 friends, recently had an extremely impressive polar bear tour with the Akook Arctic Adventures. We highly appreciate their professionalism, responsive assistance and informative guidance. Sunny is very helpful in the early planning stage and her ability and willingness of coordinating with the logistics made my life much easier. Steve as a wildlife photographer, and Jack, with his living experience at the Arctic wildlife, lend us their insight into the polar bear and taught us how to respect them. I strongly recommend their services.

- Dex, Brentwood, California, 2018

Best tour guides for polar bear viewing

Steve and Jack are an awesome team. They both provided not only great bear viewing, but also a wealth of knowledge about the polar bears and the Inupiat people. While we should have followed the packing guide provided by Steve, we did not… No worries Steve and Jack have you covered with parkas, ski pants and even boots. My husband and I got the most wonderful photos of polar bears. The boat is comfortable and quiet, not intrusive to the bears at all. Steve is a photographer, himself and he really knows how to help set up a good shot. Thanks Steve and Jack.

- Kathy & George, Maryland, 2018

Truly A Once in a Lifetime Experience

My daughter and I arrived in Kaktovik on a sunny day on September 3rd, 2017 and took the boat tour with Steve and Jack. It is hard to describe the exhilarating feeling and emotions ones feels when you see these majestic polar bears so close up, but the familiarity Steve and Jack felt with those animals gave us a deeper understanding and appreciation and they were constantly on the lookout for another bear or bear family and even found sighting of beluga whales further in the open waters. Although we had all our winter clothes on, they had some spare arctic parkas to keep us cozy. The boat might not be as fancy as some others, I felt that the vibes we got from Steve and Jack and their love for the polar bears and the Arctic made up for the lesser comfort.

Thank you Steve and Jack you fulfilled an 82-year-old (or young) lady's dream.

- Carol, Vancouver, Canada, 2017

Best way to view polar bears!

Steve & Jack were great guides. We saw a large number of bears on every trip. The bears are afraid of some of the bigger boats and would move away when they approached; this never happened when we approached bears. 3 days of great polar bear viewing in which we got awesome photos and learned so much from these very knowledgeable guides. I would highly recommend them if you are planning on polar bear viewing!

- Theresa, Fair Oaks, California, 2017

Amazing experience with fantastic guides!

My organization took a group out with Akook for three days in September and couldn't have asked for more! Jack and Steve are familiar with the bears, the threats facing them, and the local culture. They respect the community, the bears, and the clients. We had mostly excellent weather, but Steve and Jack knew the weather coming in would affect our ability to get out toward the end. They did an excellent job of ensuring we got as much time with the bears as we could. They ensure guests are warm and as comfortable as possible to have those hours on the water. A once in a lifetime experience with guides who made it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Thank you Jack and Steve for all you do!

- Vicki, Anchorage, Alaska, 2016


I had the privilege of seeing the arctic with Jack and Steve.... you won't find any more seasoned guys in knowing the arctic and its creatures.... very respectful to the bears. I felt safe at all times. Thanks, Jack and Steve, for the trip of a lifetime.

- Judith, Colorado Springs, CO, 2016

Truly A Unique Experience!

A wonderful time watching polar bears in their natural habitat only minutes away from the village of Kaktovik. The open boat allows for unimpeded viewing and photography, as the bears go about their routine activities. The bears are very active and curious creatures and a true joy to behold. Highly recommended as a trip that will always be remembered. Jack and Steve are great guides. Staying at Waldo Arms provides a real taste of the Alaska Bush experience.

- GWT, Eagle River, Alaska, 2016



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