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Polar bear tours in the wild along the Alaskan arctic coast, including polar bear boat trips and polar bear photography tours. We specialize in personalized Arctic adventures! 

Alaskan Travel Resources

Alaskan travel and polar bear recommended resources and websites to help you plan your holiday viewing the majestic polar bear.


Welcome to our Travel Resources page. Planning your vacation can be just as rewarding as the trip itself. Below are links to our favorite hotels, people, books, conservation groups, and more to inform, excite and prepare you for your polar bear viewing adventure!

City of Kaktovik on Barter Island

City of Kaktovik on Barter Island


  • RAVN Airlines - The only commercial airline that flies into Barter Island daily. You can to Barter Island from either Fairbanks or Prudhoe Bay. There reservations telephone number is (800) 866-8394.

  • Charter flights can be arranged for groups.

Important things to consider regarding flights to and from Barter Island:

  • Saturday flights may be added on by RAVN airlines by December or January. The only scheduled Sunday flights are through Prudhoe Bay. You can take RAVN from Anchorage through Prudhoe to Barter or you can catch an Alaska Airlines flight to Prudhoe then take RAVN to Barter Island.

  • Delays and cancellations do happen and the airline will either try to work with the weather or reschedule to get people in or out as soon as they can.

  • It's a good idea to leave a day or two on the back end of your trip in the event the airline needs to reschedule you for a day or two later.


  • Waldo Arms Hotel - Nestled in the village of Kaktovik, homestyle feeling.

  • Marsh Creek Inn - A local hotel in the village of Kaktovik on Barter Island, Alaska

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance to cover delays or cancellations that affect you getting to your destination which is viewing polar bears. We are not responsible for the weather and airline decisions. Flights can get cancelled and rescheduling may not be an option. Travel insurance can cover any expenses affected by delays or cancellations, including flights, additional nights of lodging, boat tours, and other out-of-pocket expenses. It is important to get full coverage. Call the insurance companies and talk with them about the coverage versus just signing up online. Some credit card companies offer the insurance as an added service. Two companies we suggest are:

Check out this article on Travel Insurance -

Hotels in Fairbanks 

You will want to arrive in Fairbanks the day before you fly to Barter Island as flights depart early the following morning. There are many hotels in the area and most have airport shuttles.

If the forecast for the evening sky is clear, check in with the hotel on the northern lights forecast and best viewing areas.

For more ideas on what to do in the Fairbanks area -, Explore Fairbanks

Packing Suggestions

Bring a good pair of warm winter boots, a hat and gloves, thermals, down layers, and if it's early in the season (August through mid-September) rain gear would be good. We also highly recommend bringing the 5-hour hand and foot warmers that you can get from outdoor retailers. We have extra warm gear and arctic parkas for those who may need it. Pack as if you are going skiing but with extra gear since you are not moving aerobically.



  • Matador Network - 7 Best Places to See Polar Bears in the Wild, 2018

  • Monroe News - Article by Charles Rumschlag who visited in 2018


Polar Bear Facts & Conservation



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